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Polea Ltd. offers solutions for web sales.

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Polea Ltd is a digitalization partner for organizations’ business activities. We offer our customers modern cloud computing services to support starting up their business activities or growing their business opportunities. We use agile methods to develop our products and find out the right solutions for our customers.


Polea as partner


Polea Ltd. was founded in 2011. Our office is located in Tapiola, Espoo. We offer modern cloud computing services and solutions for organizations to support starting up their business activities or growing their business opportunities. We make tailored, customer-specific solutions to e-commerce, CRM and operative business management as well as consult digital marketing activities.

Based on over 10 years of experience in wholesale’s enterprise resource planning systems, we have been able to build modern and functional service, called Haulbag, that is working in today’s web integration. It operates comprehensively in cloud computing. In 2011-2013, we concentrated on developing new, modern Haulbag to respond to the requirements of our key customers. In 2014, our customers were introduced with our new, modern solution based on cloud computing, which takes automatically into account all advantages and services offered by modern browsers. In 2015, our operations were extended to USA and Asia. From the beginning of 2016, we have also offered solutions for e-commerce and digital marketing consultation.

Right from the beginning, the key element in our operation has been transforming overall business in cloud computing and thus act as a pioneer of digitalization. This has proved to be a right decision because today we are able to offer our customers reliable, first-rate services in a modern service platform.

Mission and vision

Our mission: is to grow organizations’ sales with all possibilities given by digitalization.

Our vision: is to be a leading and internationally known Finnish e-commerce element and platform provider.

We are reliable and agile partner. We always finish our projects based on targets set together. In our solutions, we always take into account our customers’ growth and change requirements. Our solutions are user-driven, modern and tailored customer-specific. Continuous development and good quality are in centre, both, in our products and operations. With active partnership, we guarantee functional and reliable solutions for our customers."

Our service is based on Customer oriented approach

Our operations are based on understanding objectives and development targets of our customers. We develop solutions together with the customer iteratively one piece at a time. Iterative development brings to our operations transparency and makes it possible for us to concentrate on the most important development objectives at each stage of a project.

  • Mapping digital business activity needs

  • We will go through together the possibilities of digital business activities as well as customer’s wishes and needs regarding them. We will find out what we are doing and to whom we are doing it as well as which solutions will maximise the outcome.

  • Developing solutions

  • We will develop together with the customer solutions that will fit their iterative needs. We will keep customer always in the centre of the development work so that we can guarantee the end-solution to answers their wishes.

  • Initialisation and training

  • In order to be sure that our solutions will be transferred smoothly to central part of organizations’ business activities, we will help to initialise our solutions to their operations. In addition, we will always be available for support, and if needed, we will solve the problems and /or discuss user experiences on the spot.

  • Analysing results and developing operations

  • When we are mapping digital business activity needs and building solutions to them, we will also discuss right tools to track digital business activities. Tracking tools will enable transparency in business activities as well as targeting future contributions to development projects correctly.

Agile methods

Customer oriented approach

Our operative operations have been refined as efficient and productive as possible. The key element is agile methods that we utilise in our customer projects and our in-house operations, both. The biggest advantages of agile methods are that it is possible to react quickly for emerging problems, all parties are always aware of the project’s current situation and our customers will pay only for services that are initialised.Also, our customers are aware of the final delivery time of our solution and therefore, they can concentrate their resources to their own business activities.
Starting point in all our customer projects is to understand objectives and development targets of our customers. Both, organizations and their employees are in centre of our suggested solutions and co-operation. Each solution is developed together with our customer. Our tailored, customer-specific solutions correspond with their functionality and visual appearance to wishes and targets of our customers. With our tailored, customer-specific solutions, our customers can respond to market and consumer challenges in today’s digital world.
Because our customers are in centre of our operations, we have constructed a customer oriented approach to our customer projects that are guiding strongly our co-operation. The central elements of our customer oriented approach are mapping digital business activities, developing solutions, initialisation and training and analysing results and developing operations.

Mapping digital business activities

We begin each customer project by mapping business objectives and development targets of our customer. What are their short-term and/or long-term business objectives? How our solutions can answer to these? How can we help our customers to achieve their goals? How can we change their development targets to be concretely part of their everyday business?

Developing solutions

We always develop together with customer a tailored solution that will correspond to their business objectives and development targets. We keep the customer tightly part of the development process during the project. This way the customer has a possibility to comment our solution in each step of the project and we are able to make sure that the end-result will completely respond to customer’s wishes and expectations. When we are developing solutions with our customers, we are exploiting, in addition to needs assessment, also display models and demos to concretize our solution and its functionalities.

Initialisation and training

When customer project has been completed, we go through together all hands-on matters concerning initialisation. We will also train organization’s central personnel to use our together - developed solution. We want to ensure that our solutions will smoothly be transferred into everyday activities in our customer organizations. We will gladly come on the spot to ensure that our solutions work immaculately and discuss about user-experiences.

Analysing results and developing operations

When building needs assessment and creating a solution, we also discuss about adequate tools and indicators to follow-up digital business activities after our mutual project. Rightly and accurately chosen tools and indicators ensure that digital business activities will be concretized based on objectives as well as ensure targeting of new development targets correctly. This way our customers are able to allocate further investments to right areas and functionalities.

Our main product Haulbag

Haulbag is a modern digitalizing platform for organizations’ operations enabling automatization of their everyday business activities. You have all functionalities in one digital service with Haulbag. The strengths of our platform are quick initialisation, flexible scalability, various product variations, integration with additional services and interfaces and functioning in cloud computing.


Our e-commerce solutions enable Product Managers to have webshops satellites based on their needs and requirements.

  • Desired layout
  • Country-specific delivery and payment methods
  • Direct delivery and backorder management
  • Support for Google Analytics


Our CRM-system will gather all customer information from various sources. It enables following of all sales activities from one source.

  • Various sales sources, only one CRM
  • Automatic integration to webshops and order and invoice information
  • Creating and following offers

Managing business activities

Our modern ERP will support every step of operative business activity management. It is designed especially for employees of the organization.

  • One cloud computing platform
  • Modern user interface
  • Electronic invoicing
  • Conversations and attachments



Managing business activities



With our e-commerce solution, your organization can reach your customers where they spend their time. Our tailored solutions enable larger market share and customized product-pages for each brand.

Our e-commerce solutions are optimized for handling versatile order-delivery processes:

  • Geographical methods and prices for delivery– Optimize your delivery processes around the world.
  • Geographical methods of payment – Handle your invoicing with the payment methods your customers desire.
  • Automatic control of backorders – Your customers can see already from the order confirmation individual delivery times for each product as well as possible backorders.
  • Controlling direct deliveries – Make automatically purchases from sales orders to your product suppliers.Save money and time.
  • Integrations – Count automatically freight charges with Fedex, UPS or DHL.

We always build tailored e-commerce solutions that will take into account present-day requirements based on your organization’s needs. Depending on your business activities you can target e-commerce to B2C or B2B activities or build a multi-seller web shop. It is possible to build countless number of separate web shops to our platform depending on your business activities and its objectives. We always design the web shop layout to answer your image and requirements.

With our CRM -system your organization’s possible prospects can have the attention they require. You can follow the state of you customer relations, when you are able to categorize and survey your actions.

Customer information created with our CRM -system is automatically used in all its functionalities. Purchase and sales orders, offers, invoices and projects can all be seen in one place. This enables you to create a general view of your customer base and to specify their profiling and segmentation. It saves time. It helps you to find possibilities for additional sales, to grow the amount of completed sales and to add customer satisfaction.

With our platform, your organization can manage all its operative business activities in one system, whether it is about sales, customer management or cash flow. Depending on your requirements and objectives, we can help you to digitalize your operative business activities by choosing the right services and ensuring that our solutions work properly with your business activities’ background systems. When digitalizing your organization’s activities, it requires strategical view for products, operations, channels and processes; all aspects of your activities. We will gladly help our customers, both, with the strategical thinking and operative execution.

Haulbag’s functionalities can be expanded with versatile integrations. Haulbag is compatible with different back-end systems thus it is possible to integrate your organization’s existing systems flexibly with it. Consequently, you can manage your business activities only from one system.

Exporting invoices

Invoicing integrations allow you to send completed invoicing materials straight to the customer.

  • Nordea Finvoice and Financing
  • OP Finvoice and Financing
  • Trade Connector–EDI
  • Apix
  • Paypal
  • Paytrail
  • Collector Bank

Sales order integrations

In Haulbag, you can create orders from external logistics and e-commerce systems in addition to e-commerce interface.

  • Trade Connector-EDI
  • Webshops

Financial administration integrations

It is possible to transfer completed invoicing material to financial administration systems used by financial management and accounting.

  • Alvis-Infomanager
  • Netbaron
  • Administer-eFina

Warehouse and logistics integrations

Haulbag supports management of external warehouses. Products can be situated in external warehouses either in Finland or abroad.

  • Posti -warehouse
  • DHL
  • UPS
  • Fedex
  • Consignor

Can we utilize e-commerce in all activities of our corporation?

Yes, you can. It is possible to connect usernames for more than one organization in Haulbag. This way you can transfer from one organization’s information to another one quickly and effortlessly, only with one click.

How can we utilize e-commerce when we are doing customized sales and we do not want to show our prices to our competitors?

There exist several options where to choose e.g. customized closed webshop, offer request webshop or utilizing loss leaders as selling points. We can tailor an e-commerce solution that will respond to all your requirements.

Can you help us when our subscription model is diverse? Some of the products are delivered directly to customers and some of the products are delivered via warehouse from different shelf-places.

Absolutely! Haulbag is supporting direct deliveries and several self-places with batch numbers and best-before dates.

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News What's happening

14.8.2017 Our new office is located in We+ Coworking place in Helsinki.

3.3.2017 Haulbag version 5.0 is now released!

15.6.2018 Polea is implementation partner of Consignor.

Our customers Organizations doing co-operation with us

Invoicing in order

Co-operation with TS Turvasi and Polea began in 2014 when TS Turvasi wanted to automatize their invoicing process as efficiently as possible. Revenue of TS Turvasi has grown rapidly straight from the start of its business activities. The organization felt that handling invoicing manually took more time than they had. In addition, currently most of their customers want invoices electronically and TS Turvasi wanted to respond to this wish.

Polea’s solution to TS Turvasi challenge was an electronic invoicing system working in cloud computing. Invoices to be sent out are having two different formats, either electronic format or invoice via email. With electronic invoicing, TS Turvasi was possible to respond to their customers wish and at the same to enhance their invoicing process and time spent to it.

It was possible for TS Turvasi to put in use the new invoicing system automatically without any need to manually enter Finvoice – information into the system. At the same time, established invoicing customers transferred automatically to Haulbag’s CRM system in cloud computing. This information can be used when TS Turvasi wants to plan actions for customers or begins to use new parts of the system. Our customer is extremely satisfied with their electronic invoicing system and is interested in broadening co-operation with Polea in the field of e-commerce and order-system’s optimization.

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